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River Diorama $150

 Dorm Diorama (New dorm is $1,000) $500

Simple Diorama (Figures Not Included) $100

Simple Digital Chibi Avatar Drawing $20

Digital Rec Room Drawing $40

Complex Rec Room Drawing $100

Shipping Container (blue, red, grey or yellow) $60

Jumbotron OR Regular Rec Room Logo Boxes, Set of 3 $40

JumboTron Props $30

Paintball Props (boxes and wooden cover) $10

Flag (Red or Blue) $5

Custom Figure (Price upon request)

Pistols $10 Each, Shield $5

Woodpile (From Clear Cut) $5

Golden Trophy Stage Diorama $1,000

Maker Pen  $10

Bucket (Mini Size) $10

Basketball $10

Frisbee $10

Quest Shield $10

Quest Vase $ 10

Quest Bow $10

Quest Sword $15 ($25 for Meat Sword)

Paintball Concrete Barrier $15

Flat Quest Tree Prop $10

Paintball/Quest Haystacks $10 Each

Potion $15 (Will be Made from Resin)

Quest Table Prop $20

Paintball Prop $10

Quest Brick Wall Prop $20

Quest Brick Pillar $50

Campfire $20 (Resin will be used for the fire)

Quest Prop with Glass $35 (Resin will be used for glass)

JumboTron Starting Room Diorama $800

Homestead Barn with Windmill $800

Quarry Base Diorama (Includes 33 Shipping Containers) $1,700

Spillway Diorama- Price Upon Request/Specify Location

To place an order, contact me via this contact form